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Volume XLII-5, 2018 – Keyword index

Volume XLII-5, 2018 – Keyword index


AAOD AHP AHP Method AMRUT AOD ASTER ASTER GDEM AVI AVIRIS-NG Aboveground Woody Biomass Absolute radiometric calibration Accessibility Accuracy Accuracy Assessment Accuracy assessment Adaptation Adequacy Advanced land observing satellite Aerosol Afforestation AfriSAR Agriculture Agriculture drought Air-sea interface Airborne Hyperspectral Image Airborne Laser Scanning (ALS) Albedo Alteration Altimetry Analysis Anchored Neighbourhood Regression Android Ankara (Turkey) Antarctic Antarctica Aphrodite Application program interface Aquatic marcophytes Asia Assam Assessment Asynchronous Atmospheric Correction Autoencoders active-passive algorithm adaptation strategies aerosol agriculture algorithms of high complexity and Sentinel-1A and -1B and Vegetation Health Index (VHI) artificial intelligence atmospheric turbidity


BIM BSI Bioresource Bistatic scatterometer system Blue Ice Boilerplate code Box counting Brightness Temperature Brightness temperature difference threshold Building Extraction Building inspection Built-up


CALIOP CNNs CORINE nomenclature COSI-corr CSI CTLR Calibration Calibration/Validation (Cal/Val) site Calving Canals Capacity Building Capacity curve Carbonate Cartosat Cemetery Central Himalayas Central Indian Himalaya Chamoli Change Detection CitSci Citizen Science Citizen science City Modeling CityGML Classification Classification Algorithms Classification algorithm Climate Change Climate Change Impact Cloud physical properties Cloud radiative forcing Cokriging Color space Compact Antenna Test Range Facility ConvLSTMs Convolution Neural Network Convolutional Neural Networks (CNN) Corner Reflector Cosmo-Skymed Criteria Based Weight Crop Monitoring Crop classification Crop dynamics Crosta technique Crowdsourcing Cultural Heritage Cumulative Capacity Curvelet transform Cyclone civil engineering classification climate change cloud microphysics coherence collaboration connected component analysis content correlation coefficient course curriculum crowd-sourced data customized spectral indices


DEM DEM resolution DInSAR DWT Data Communication System (DCS) Data Mining Data Product Data Reception system (DRS) Data Standards Deep Learning Deep neural networks Deformation Department of Geography and Environment Desertification Development Index Digital Surface Model (DSM) Digital Terrain Model (DTM) Dihedral Doon Valley Drainage Density Drought dNBR data model data storage deep learning dimensionality reduction drought assessment dualism dust


E-Learning Tool E-learning EDM EIGEN6C4 Earthquake Forecasting Earthquakes Education Education and Training Energy Balance Approach Environment Epipolar Geometry Era Interim Evapotranspiration Exchange coefficients eCognition eCognition Developer education


Facebook Review Facility management False Color Composite Feature Extraction Feature Point Fire Fire sensitivity Flat-earth effect Flood Flood Mapping Flux parameterization Fog detection Forest Forest Canopy Density (FCD) Forest Mapping Forest Quality Forest disturbance Forest fire Fractal Analysis Fundamental Matrix Fuzzy Logic feature extraction flood early warning flood inundation flood risk; vulnerability index food insecure zones food insecurity from US Fish and Wildlife Service(NAVD 88) from US Fish and Wildlife Service(NWI)


GAMIT-GLOBK GCP GIS GLCM GNSS network adjustment GOPLUS GPM constellation satellites GPS Gangotri glacier Garhwal-Kumaun Himalaya Geo-spatial technology Geo-tagging Geocoded data Geodetic monitoring Geoinformatics Geometric Location Accuracy Geomorphic anomaly Geomorphology Geophysical Parameters Geosciences Geospatial data Geospatial technology Geotagging Glacier Velocity Glacier elevation change Glacier velocity Global Petroleum Statistics Google Earth Engine Google Place Review Google Static Maps API Graves Great Diurnal Tide Range(GT) Green Index Green Normalized Difference Vegetation Index (GNDVI) Green Space Green space index Growth Conditions geodetic mass balance geodetic techniques geospatial geospatial technology glacier dynamics glacier facies green spaces


HRS - WV Haralick textural methods Hazard High Resolution Satellite Imagery High School Students High resolution satellite data Higher Education Himalaya HySi,Compositional Mapping Hydroxyl Hyperspectral Hyperspectral remote sensing habitat planning hunger index score hydrodynamic modelling hydrological modelling


IBIN IEM Modelling IHE Delft IMERG data ISRO ITTO Ice sheet Icebergs Image Matching Image Processing Image fusion Imaging Spectroscopy InSAR India Indian Cities Indo-Gangetic plain Informal Integrated survey Intensity Interdisciplinarity Interferometry Interoperability Inundation Iron oxide Iron-oxide image fusion image matching imaging spectroscopy interferometric synthetic aperture (InSAR)


LAI LANDSAT LANDSAT-8 LISS-4 LISS-IV LS factor LSF (Line Spread Function) LST LSTM Networks LSTMs LU/LC Classification LULC LULC Classification LULU operators Land Bank Land Cover Land Degradation Land Surface Temperature Land Use/Land Cover Landsat Landsat 8 Landsat 8 OLI Landsat-8 Landslide Landslide Hazard Zonation Landslide Susceptibility Zones Landslide monitoring Landslides Latent heat flux Leeward side Legislation LiDAR LiDAR point cloud Limonite Lineament Linguistic tagger Lithology Livelihood LoD1 LoD2 Location based Advertising Location based analysis Logical Operator linear trends livability index


MNDWI-2 MRS MSE MTF (Modulation Transfer Function) Machine learning Madagascar Maximum Likelihood (ML) Classification Mean Higher High Water(M Megh Mesh generation Metadata Standards Meteorological Microwave Middle Infrared Middle-East Midnapore Minimum distance classifier Mining Mobile app Model View View-Model Modeling Modified Analytical Hierarchy Process Modified Normalised Difference Water Index (MNDWI) Monsoon Monsoon Seasons Morphological operators Multi Tier Approach Multi-Resolution Algorithm Multi-criteria analysis Multilayer Perceptron medical tourism medical tourism information system medical tourists microwave remote sensing mineral mapping morphological operations multi-flow direction algorithm multi-threaded platform


NBR NCR NDBI NDSI NDVI NDWI NIRF NRT National Wetlands Inventory National GIS National Wetlands Inventory Natural Color Composite Natural Time Neural Networks Normalized Difference Index 45 (NDI45) North Africa North West Himalaya Notified forest area Nowcasting neural network


OCM-2 OCR ODK OGC OGC CityGML OMI OMI / Aura Object Based Image Analysis (OBIA) Ocean General Circulation Models (OGCMs) Okra crop Open Source Open Source GIS Open Source Geodata Visualization Optical Images Orchard Crop Ortho image Orthorectification Otsu's method Ozone object-based methods optical outreach


PALSAR PAN sharpening PCSWMM PSInSAR Parameters Weightage Particle Swarm Optimization Payload (PLD) Perez model Phenology Photogrammetry Photogrammetry Learning Plan-height positioning Pol-InSAR coherence PolInSAR PolSAR Polar record Glacier Polarization Polynomial Fitting Post processing Potato Precipitation Precise Orbit Principal component analysis Programme support Public toilets pattern recognition pixel-based methods policy policy making polluted dust precipitation projects pseudo-quad pol psychological health


R RADARSAT-2 RBR RF RISAT-1 Radar Radar Cross Section Radiative Transfer Model Random Forest Random Sample Consensus Random Volume over Ground Ranking Parameters Ranking Systems Recurrent Neural Networks Red edge Regression Kriging Relative Spectral response (RSR) Relative wind Remote Sensing Remote sensing and GIS Residual Networks Rifts Risk Risk Zonation RoR (Record of Rights) Road Road identification Rohtak Rule-Based Feature Extraction regulated field plots remote sensing remote sensing applications risk metric road extraction


SAR SAR (Synthetic Aperture Radar) SAR data SAR images SARAL-ALTIKA SBDART SMAP SMOS SNAP SRTM SSEBop SVM SWAT model SWMM Sankey Maps Satellite Data Satellite Image Processing Satellite imagery products Satellite precipitation estimates Satpura Tiger Reserve Sea Level Affecting Marshes Model(SLAMM) Sea Level Rise SeaDAS Second Order Sedimentation Segmentation Sensible heat flux Sensors Sentinel Sentinel 1 Sentinel 2B Sentinel-1 Sentinel-1A SAR Data Sentinel-2 Sentinel-2A Sewerage system SfM Shadnagar Shannon’s Entropy Shorea robusta Slip rate Slums Smart Cities Smart GIS & Decision Support System Smartphone mapping Snow Avalanche Snow cover Social Forestry Social Vulnerability Social media trending Soil Moisture Sparse Regression and Natural Prior Spatio-Temporal Spatio-Temporal Analysis Species Occurrence Spectral Angle Mapper Spectral Indices Spectral Transformation Spectral distortion Spectral fidelity Stability function Standardized Precipitation Evapotranspiration Index (SPEI) Standardized Precipitation Index (SPI) Statistical Distribution Statistics Stereo Vision Storm surge Stormwater Strip Forest Structure Student Remote Sensing Programme Subsidence Suitability Super Resolution Supervised Supervised Image Segmentation Supervised classification Support Vector Machine Surface reflectance Susceptibility Swachh Bharat Abhiyaan Synthetic aperture radar service quality sigma naught slope exponent smart smoke software architecture soil moisture soil moisture proxy spectral channels spectral similarity and spectral information divergence spectro-radiometer


TanDEM-X Telemetry and Tele-Command (TTC) Temperature Condition Index (TCI) Temporal Tesseract OCR Texture Thermal Band Thermal Infrared Thermal cameras Thermal imaging Thermal infrared Time series satellite data Tomography Topographic map Topographic mapping Transfer coefficient Tree Canopy Height Tree Crown Delineation Trihedral Tropical Tropical Indian Ocean (TIO) Turbidity t-SNE temperature thermal


UAV UAVSAR UBL UCM Universal Resource Locator University Unsupervised Unsupervised Clustering Unsupervised learning algorithms Urban Urban Flood Urban Planning Urban Sprawl Urban physics Utility Network ADE use cases utility infrastructure


VGI Vasundra Vegetation Vegetation Condition Index (VCI) Vegetation mapping Vicarious calibration Video Vidyasagar University Virtual Laboratory Visible Orbits Visualization Volunteer Geographical Information Vulnerability visibility


WMS WPS WRF WRF Model Water Level Water Quality Water canal extraction Water harvesting structures Water resources Water supply Water vapor Water-Spread Area Waterlogging Watershed algorithm Watershed management Web Based Dashboard Web Service Web-GIS Web-based WebGL Weightage Western Himalayas Western Jahajpur belt Where On Earth ID Wind speed Windward side WorldView-2 water hyacinth water management water quality water resources watershed
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