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Volume XLII-5/W1, 2017 – Keyword index

Volume XLII-5/W1, 2017 – Keyword index


3-D milling 3-D modeling 360° Panoramic Image 3D 3D GIS 3D Laser Scanning 3D Model 3D Modeling 3D Modelling 3D Reconstruction 3D Surveying 3D Viewpoint management 3D decays 3D imaging 3D laser scanning 3D model 3D modeling 3D modelling 3D models 3D photogrammetry 3D reconstruction 3D recontructions 3D survey 3D visualization


Accuracy Aerial Survey Alessandro Antonelli Ancient hydraulic systems Arab-norman architecture Archaeological Data Management Archaeological Sites Archaeology Archeology Architectural Heritage Architectural Survey Architectural survey Architecture Archive Artificial grottoes Assisi Automatic photogrammetry advanced 3D aerial photogrammetry airborne survey altar archaeological dig archive documents authenticity


BHIM BIM BIM technologies Bagan Bahrain Basalt fibre reinforcement Beacon Best Fitting Circumferences Bridge Building Information Modeling Built Heritage Built heritage built heritage


CAD Drawing CAD and GIS graphic documentation CAD representation Camera calibration Camera degli Sposi Capogrossi Castel del Monte Castles Change Detection Change Detection Analysis Classification Close Range Photogrammetry Close range photogrammetry Close-Range Photogrammetry Close-range Cloud Collecting Data Color management Colour Decay Complex point cloud Computer-Aided Drawing Conservation Contemporary Mural Painting Contemporary architecture Cultural Heritage Cultural Heritage documentation Cultural Mining Field Cultural heritage Conservation Cultural landscapes carbon fiber composite castles cataloguing cloister vaults conservation conservation project counterforms criteria critical knowledge cultural heritage cultural landscape


Data Standardization Data enrichment Data integration Data-sharing Dense Point Cloud Design Diagnostics Differential Subsidence Digital Cultural Heritage Digital History Digital Library Digital Photogrammetry Digital Stereophotogrammetry Digital Workflows for heritage conservation Digital photogrammetry Digital survey Digitization Displacement maps Documentation Documentation of Cultural Heritage Dolmen Drone survey damage mechanisms data-base deterioration digital cultural heritage digitization documentation drone


EDM Earth Observation Earthquake Education Edutainment Egypt Egyptian Blue Egyptian architecture Emergency Emergency management Empiricism Eremo Euclidean and non-Euclidean Geometries Excavation Exhibit Design earthquake exhibition stands


Feature extraction Finite Element Analysis Finite Element Method Florence Egyptian Museum Fortification objects Fragment fortified architecture fortresses fragmented artifact fruition


GIS GIS intra-site GPR (Ground Penetrating Radar) Geo-referencing Geomatics Geometric Documentation Geospatial data Ground Penetrating Radar geomatics


H-BIM HBIM HTC Vive Historical Building Information Modelling Historical Buildings Historical Centre Historical Monitoring Historical images History historical wall history


IT documentation Image Based Diagnostics Image Processing Image based modelling Imaging Imaging Sciences Immersive Walkthrough Indian Context Indian Temples. Monitoring Infrared Thermography Instability and restoration of the structures Integrated monitoring system Integrated survey Integrated workflow Intelligent Cloud Viewer Interdisciplinary survey Internet of Everything Internet of Things Interoperability Iraq identity image based system incremental 3D model industrial archaelogy industrial heritage instruments interoperability


LVDT Land use change Landscape Heritage Laser Scanner Laser Scanning Laser scanner Laser scanner survey Laser scanning Latest Technologies Lath and plaster Le Corbusier Level of Detail Low-cost photogrammetry laser cleaning laser scanner laser scanning load test


Maintenance Mannerist gardens Mantegna Masonry structural analysis Materials Mesh Mesh modelling Metric survey Micro-location Monitoring Monumental Portal Multi-sensor 3D survey Multi-stratified site Multispectral manual masonry arch bridge military archeology modelling modern heritage monitoring multi-temporal model multitemporal 3D model (4D model)


Palmyra Pan Sharpening Parma Cathedral Photogrammetry Photographic documentation Photomodelling Physically-based rendering Pillbox Pisa Point Cloud Point Cloud Registration Point Clouds Point clouds Pottery Preservation of Cultural Heritage Projective Geometry parametric representation pathologies mapping phenomenological approach photogrammetric reconstruction photogrammetry photography photomodelling points cloud project


RUSLE/USLE Range Cameras Recording Remote Sensing Remote sensing Repository Representation Representation workflow Restitution Restoration Reverse Modelling Risk and Resilience Robotics Roman Roof Rupestral cave re-use reassembly reconstruction recovery reinforced concrete restoration restoration methodology retopology reuse reverse modelling risk preparedness road sign ruins rural architecture rural village


SIS Safety San Carlo dei Barnabiti Satellite Image Processing Security and safety management Segmentation Semantic Seti I Shared parameters Small Artefacts Small Finds Smartphone Smartphone measuring tools Soil erosion Solid Modeling Spherical images St. Agata St. Stefano Basilica Structural Analysis Structural Deformations Structural Disorders Structural analysis Structural model Structure Sensor Structure from Motion Structure from Motion (SfM) Structure-From-Motion Structure-from-Motion Survey Survey methodologies satellite remote sensing scientific research seismic damage seismic emergency stereoplotting stratigraphical unit structural assessment structural geometry surface development survey surveying


TLS TLS (Terrestrial laser scanning) Taxonomies Teatro Marittimo Technologies Technology Terrestrial Laser Scanner Terrestrial Laser Scanning Terrestrial laser scanning Timber structures Topography Tour Builder Truss end replacement Turin thermographic investigations three-dimensional survey topography traditional and new building techniques


Versilia (IT) Very High Resolution (VHR) Virtual Anastylosis Virtual Museum Virtual Reality Virtual Restoration Virtual reconstruction Virtual tours Visual simulation vertical structures virtual archaeology virtual museum virtual reality virtual restoration
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