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Volume XLII-2/W5, 2017 – Keyword index

Volume XLII-2/W5, 2017 – Keyword index


3D 3D - laser scanning 3D GIS Visibility Analyses 3D Imaging 3D Laser Scanning 3D Model 3D Modeling 3D Modelling 3D Point cloud 3D Printing 3D Visualization 3D digital models 3D digitisation 3D model 3D modeling 3D modelling 3D parametric modelling 3D printing 3D reconstruction 3D recording 3D scanning 3D visualization 3D/4D reconstruction


AIS Accuracy Aerial Photogrammetry Affandi Museum Age Identification Aleppo Anastylosis Andean Road System Animation Annotation Archaeological Information System Archaeological museum Archaeology Archaeology; Documentation; Structure from Motion; 3D Modelling; Stratigraphy; Material and Immaterial Evidences; Human Remains Architecture Archival Material Augmented Reality Automation accuracy analogue photos application archaeological sites automation


BIM BIM models Bahrain Balkan architecture Big Data Biodeterioration Buddhist Monastery Building & construction-history research Building Information Model Building Information Model (BIM) Building Information Modeling (BIM) Building Integrity and Authenticity Building Modeling Building Performance Simulation Building Significance Building archaeology Built Heritage Built Heritage Documentation brokering building information modelling bundle adjustment


CAD drawings CH documentation CHER-Ob CIDOC CRM CIE colour spaces Calibration Camera Canada Caves Classification Climate change Close Range Photogrammetry Close range Close-Range Close-Range Photogrammetry Close-range Photogrammetry, Deviation Analysis Collective Memory Colonial Era Colour Comparisons, Archeological artefacts Computer-Aided Drawing Condition assessment Conservation Conservation of Cultural Heritage Coordinate Measuring Machine (CMM) Cuba Cultural Assets Cultural Heritage Cultural Heritage and Disaster Cultural Heritage policy Cultural heritage Cultural landscapes classical historical moments colored wood statues comparison complex 3D model conservation consolidation critical analysis cultural heritage cultural heritage management cuneiform tablets


DBMS DTM extraction Damage and Condition Assessment Dazu Rock Carvings Descriptive Geometry Digital Cultural Heritage Digital Documentation Digital Heritage Digital Heritage Documentation Digital Humanities Digital Inventory Digital Preservation Digital Record Digital Sculpting Digital Tools Digital Workflows Digital building documentation Digital documentation Digital ecosystems Digital heritage Digital measurement Digital storytelling Digitisation Digitization Digitization of small objects Disseminating Heritage Information Dissemination Dissemination and restoration Docu-tools® Documentation Drone-based Photogrammetry damaging mechanism decay dense image matching dense vegetation digital cultural heritage digital survey mapping technology digital technologies digitalization of collections digitization documentation documentation challenges documentation requirements


GIS GIS Spatial Integration Analysis Historical and Cultural Heritage Resources Genoa Geoinformation Geomatics Geometric Accuracy Glazed terracotta Google Earth Grade of Accuracy (GoA) Grade of Information (GoI) Great Omayyad mosque geo-hazards geological conservation governance


H-BIM HBIM Han type traditional architecture Handheld 3D scanner Handle Measurement Hardness Heritage Heritage BIM Heritage Building Heritage Conservation Heritage Database and Inventory Heritage Documentation Heritage Education Heritage Information Integration Heritage Inventory Heritage Management Heritage Monitoring Heritage Preservation Heritage Registry Heritage Science Heritage management Heritage structure Historic Context Historic District Historic Interiors Historical Building Information Modelling(HBIM) Historical data head vases heritage databases heritage documentation heritage value heterogeneous dataset historical maps


IBMR IFC IT Documentation Identity Image Archives Image Based Modeling Image Based Modelling Imaging techniques Indoor Climate Evaluation Information Flow Information Integration Information Settings Information Systems Information retrieval Initial documentation Intangible Values Integrated Building Survey Integrated Digital Model Integrated Survey Integrated survey Interactive Interactive Info-Motion Design International Heritage Preservation Internet of Things Inventory immersive innovative practice integrated approach integrated conservation plan integration interdisciplinarity interior decoration interoperability


LOD LOG LOI Lahore Fort. Landscape representation Laser Scanner Laser Scanning Laser scanner Laser scanning Level of Accuracy Level of Detail LiDAR Light Environment Stimulation land changes laser scanner laser scanning learning


MOLAB Machine learning Management Masonic Massachusetts Maya Medieval military architecture Mensiochronology Merida Mesh Model Metric Mexico Middle East Mining Landscape Mobile Mapping Modelling&Management Information System (MMIS), Grade of Generation (GoG) Moisture content Monitoring Monument preservation; Monolithic Folded Pendulum; Distributed monitoring system; Structural dynamic analysis Multi-Layered Building Multidisciplinary information system Multimedia documentation Multispectral Multivariate Statistical Analysis Murals maintenance management mapping monitoring monitoring strategies


PARAMETRIC MODEL PRESERVATION Painting Protection Palmyra’s Vision Panoramic images Parametric modelling Performance evaluation Petra Photogrammetry Photogrammetry; Structured-Light Scanning; Diagnostic Analyses; BIM; Conservation; Virtual Documentation; Cultural Heritage Photographic Lighting Photometric Stereo Planning Framework Point Cloud Point Clouds Point cloud Portable diagnostic tools Positioning Preservation Preservation Planning Prince of Wales Fort Procedural Modelling Processing workflow Project Anqa Protection Public Data Pyramid participatory approach pedagogy photo rectification photogrammetry point cloud point cloud segmentation precision preventive conservation principles


Real-time Rectifying Photography Rehabilitation Remote Sensing Remote sensing Research Infrastructures Restauration Restoration Retrofit Revit Family Library Risk Assessment Risk Mitigation Risk Preparedness Risk management method Rock Art Roman Dam rebuild reconstruction recording methods restauration restoration risk assessment rock fall


SAHRIS SLAM (Simultaneous Localisation And Mapping), Cultural Heritage survey STEM Education Salt content San Leo Scan to BIM Scheduled maintenance Segmentation Semantic 3D data modeling Semantic Technologies Semantic enrichment Senate Virtual Tour Serious Game SfM Ships Simulation Sites Sketching Smart city Solid Modeling Spain Spatial Information Spectroscopy techniques Spherical panorama State Historic Preservation Office (SHPO), MACRIS Structural repairs Structure from Motion Structure from Motion (SFM) Photogrammetry Structured Light Scanning Sudan Sustainable Design Syria satellite remote sensing scaled - museum maquette semantic modeling semantic modelling settlement significance assessment small artifacts strategy sub-surface feature


TLS TOOLS Tablet-based documentation Terrestrial Laser Scanner Terrestrial Laser Scanning Terrestrial Laser Scanning (TLS) The Islamic Nasrid Kingdom of Granada The Summer Palace Three-dimensional Digital Documentation, Cultural Heritage Sites Timber Frame Structure Tin House Courtyard Tomb Total Station Total Station Theodolite (TST) Town scale model Traditional Architectures Transition Countries Triangulation Laser Scanning Typological modelling Typology texturing the CaoXi temple touristic development transformation


VIRTUAL MUSEUMS AS DIGITAL STORYTELLERS FOR DISSEMINATION OF BUILT ENVIRONMENT: POSSIBLE NARRATIVES AND OUTLOOKS FOR APPEALING AND RICH ENCOUNTERS WITH THE PAST VR Valorization Value assessment Vibration Virtual Learning Environments Virtual Museum; 3D models; amphora; stamped handles; Stoa of Attalos Virtual Reconstruction Virtual museums Virtual restoration Virtual tour Visualisation Visualization verification of data virtual recomposition

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