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Articles | Volume XLII-2/W5
18 Aug 2017
 | 18 Aug 2017

THE CIDOC CRM GAME: A Serious Game Approach to Ontology Learning

A. Guillem and G. Bruseker

Keywords: CIDOC CRM, Serious Game, Formal Ontology, pedagogy, Heritage Information Integration

Abstract. Formal ontologies such as CIDOC CRM (Conceptual Reference Model) form part of the central strategy for the medium and longterm integration of cultural heritage data to allow for its greater valorization and dissemination. Despite this, uptake of CIDOC CRM at the ground level of Cultural Heriage (CH) practice is limited. Part of the reason behind this lack of uptake lies in the fact that ontologies are considered too complicated and abstract for application in real life scenarios. This paper presents the rationale behind and the design of a CIDOC CRM game, the intent of which is to provide a learning mechanism to allow learners of wide backgrounds and interests to approach CIDOC CRM in a hands-on and interactive fashion. The CIDOC CRM game consist of decks of cards and game boards that allow players to engage with the concepts of a formal ontology in relation to real data in an entertaining and informative way. It is argued that the CIDOC CRM Game can form an important part of introducing the basic elements of formal ontology and this standard to a wider audience in order to aid wider understanding and adoption of the same.