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Volume XLI-B5, 2016 – Keyword index

Volume XLI-B5, 2016 – Keyword index


2D and 3D visualisation


360 Images 3D 3D City Models 3D Information 3D Information Application 3D Measurement 3D Metrology; Low-cost 3D sensors; Resolution; Systematic error; Random error 3D Model 3D Modeling 3D Modeling software 3D Modelling 3D Models 3D Reconstruction 3D Surface Reconstruction 3D building model 3D data 3D model 3D model library 3D modelling 3D models 3D point clouds 3D point measurement 3D printing 3D reconstruction 3D survey 3D surveying 3D test object 3D visualisation 3D-Monoplotting 3D-Network 3d-point cloud


Accuracy Accuracy Assessment Accuracy evaluation Action Camera Aerial Photography Airborne LiDAR Airborne laser scanning (ALS) Al-Hadítha Algorithms Alpine Heritage Analysis Ancient Picture Arbíl Archaeological survey Archaeology Architectonic Restoration Augmented Reality Automation accuracy accuracy assessment action camera anisotropic archaeology archaeometry archive search augmented reality


BIM BIM3DSG Bagan Barometer BaySAC Belief Propagation Best practice Biplanar Videoradiography Boundary Brown model Building Reconstruction Building elements Building reconstruction Buildings Built Heritage Bundle Adjustment Bundle adjustment beam beam hardening big data building elements bundle adjustment


Calibration Camera Camera Calibration Camera Network Camera calibration Capacity Building Cardiovascular diseases Cesena Chain Circular targets Classification Close Range Close Range Photogrammetry Close range photogrammetry Close range; photogrammetry Close-Range Close-Range Photogrammetry Close-range photogrammetry Closed Range Photogrammetry CloudCompare Clustering Coded Targets Communication Satellite Comparison Concrete Column Conformal Transformation Convergence evaluation Coral Growth Coral Reefs Cracks Crowdsourcing Cultural Divulgation Cultural Heritage Cultural Heritage Documentation Cultural Heritage; 3D Documentation Cultural Landscape Cultural heritage calibration camera camera calibration change detection cliff collapse hazard close range close range photogrammetry close-range photogrammetry cloud computing comparison complex adjustment computed tomography construction site monitoring correlation crop surface monitoring csm cultural heritage


DEM DICOM Data Fusion Data combination Data sets Data standards Database Deep Learning Deformation Deformation analysis Degradation Recognition Denoising Dense Matching Dense Reconstruction Dentistry Depth Information Digital Documentation Digital Image Correlation Digital Photogrammetry Digital elevation model Digital images Direct linear transformation Discontinuity Distortion Documentation Documentation of Cultural Heritage Dual Fluoroscopy data fusion datasets deformations deformations measurements dense matching depth calculation depth image digital elevation model digital model digital photogrammetry digitizing device dimensional metrology dip and strike dip direction


FEM Features Fisheye Fixed and rotary wings Flood monitoring Folk Costume France Frescoed vaults Frescoes Full-waveform airborne laser scanner feature extraction finite elements focus stacking


GIS GLORIA GNSS GPR Geographical information system (GIS) Geology Geometric Documentation Geometric Modelling Georadar (GPR) Georeferencing Geoscience Gotcha Graph Graph Cuts Groyne geodatabase geological plane geomatics georeferencing globes


HBIM HDR HGIS Heart Heritage Mapping Hierarchical clustering High-resolution mapping Historic Building Information Modelling Historical Furniture Historical Monument Historical Structure Hopfield Neural Network Hough voting Huoyen Shan Hydromechanics Hyperspectral Hypothesis set heritage documentation historical cartography holeplate hyperspectral scanning


ICP IMU(Inertial Measurement Unit) Iberian and medieval Spanish fortresses Image Based Modelling Image Point Clouds Image Rectification Image Selection Image analysis Image matching Image processing Image-Based Matching Immersive Images Immersive Photogrammetry Indoor 3D modeling Industrial photogrammetry Inertial photogrammetry Inlier probability Inspection Integrate survey Integration Intensity Interoperability image analysis image matching incidence angle indoor point clouds industrial application industrial archaeology integration interactive visualisation


LIDAR Land survey mapping Landslide Landslides Large Deployable Antenna Laser Light Sheet Laser Range Finder Laser Scanner Laser Scanning Laser Sensor Laser measurement Laser scanning Least Squares Level of Details LiDAR LiDAR data LiDAR; point clouds; automatic processing; masonry arch bridges; image processing Library Lidar Line Extraction Line Matching Line Tracking Linear Features Constraints Low-cost Low-cost sensors landscape material landslide large scale mapping laser scanner laser scanning laserscanning data lens distortion


MMS MULINEM Machine Learning Macro photogrammetry Makhmúr al-Quadíma Mapping Matching Measurement Mechanical Sonar Scanner Medical imagery Medicine Mesh generation Mesopotamia MicMac Micro-UAV Mobile Mapping System Mobile Mapping Systems (MMS) Mobile laser scanning Modeling Modelling Monitoring Moorea Multi Sensor Multi-Camera Rover Multi-image Photogrammetry Multi-target detection Multi-view Photogrammetry machine vision medical science mesh military historical reconstruction mill channel mobile mobile device modeling modelling monitoring monitoring system motion capture system mountain research


Object Recognition Occlusiometry Odontometry Odontotomy Open Source Programming Optical Triangulation Optimization Orientation Orthoimage Orthoimages Orthophotos Outdoor Outdoor dynamic acquisitions object reconstruction oblique optical CMM orientation orthophotos


PCA Panoramas Parametric Objects Parametric modelling Passenger Platform Photogrammetric Calibration Photogrammetric Instrument Photogrammetry Pinhole camera Point Cloud Point Cloud Library (PCL) Point Cloud Processing Point Clouds Point Registration Point cloud Point cloud processing Point cloud registration Point clouds Point-based web visualization Points Clouds Power line extraction Precision Probability hypothesis density panorama panoramic images pattern projection photogrammetric point cloud photogrammetry photometric stereo physical parameter point cloud point cloud data probability


RANSAC RGB stereo cameras RPAS Radkov Rail Rapid prototyping Real based model Recognition Reconstruction Refined plane Registration Regularities Relative accuracy Remote Sensing Restitution Restoration Restoration Algorithms Return Intensity Road Lane Markers Road edges extraction Road surface analysis Robotics Rough plane range range cameras ray casting real-time reality based modelling reconstruction reflectance registration remote sensing retaining wall rock bolts roman archaeology russian-orthodox churches


SLAM SR4500 Scan Matching Scheimpflug principle Secure and Efficient Segmentation Sensor Fusion Sensor calibration SfM SfM software SfM(Structure from Motion) Slope Monitoring Smart Phone Smartphone Imagery Smartphone Images Smartphones Software Spectral analysis Spherical Images Spherical Photogrammetry Spiral Staircase Stability Stereo Matching Stereo Radiography Stereo camera Structural analysis Structure From Motion Structure from Motion Structure from Motion (SfM) Structure from Motion / Multi-View Stereo Structure from motion Structure-from-Motion Structure-from-Motion (SfM) Surface monitoring Surgical planning Survey System Development scan geometry seismic damage sensor sensor integration sharing shotcrete silhouette small artefacts software soil erosion space segmentation sparse point cloud spectral classification statistical test stereo structure from motion structure-from-motion structured light structured-light surface measurement surface roughness


TLS TLS point cloud Target Extraction Terrestrial LIDAR Terrestrial Laser Scanner Terrestrial Laser Scanning Terrestrial Laser Scanning (TLS) Terrestrial LiDAR point clouds Terrestrial laser scanners Terrestrial laser scanning Terrestrial photogrammetry Texture measures Thematic Maps Three-dimensional Tilt-shift lens Timber Roof Truss Time-off-flight ToF Cameras Topography Traditional and modern representation Traffic marking Two-Point Perspective techniques fusion temperature terres trial laser scanner terrestrial laser scanning terrestrial photogrammetry texture the Hough transform three dimensional


UAS UAV UAV Photogrammetry UAV photogrammetry UAV-based imaging UNESCO Underground Pipe Survey Underwater 3D Modelling underwater unmanned aerial vehicle unstructured 3D point clouds


Vegetation Virtual Museum Virtual Recomposition Virtual Reconstruction Virtual Tour Virtualization Vision Metrology in Orbit Visualisation Visualization Vitruvius Volume Calculation Voxel vegetation video image sequences viewpoint planning virtual anastylosis virtual outcrop visualisation volume calculation
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