Int. Arch. Photogramm. Remote Sens. Spatial Inf. Sci., XL-5/W7, 449-452, 2015
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13 Aug 2015
Ta Keo Temple Reconstruction Based on Terrestrial Laser Scanning Technology
X. Xi2,1, C. Wang2,1, Y. P. Wan2,1, and K. N. Khuon3 1Key Lab of Digital Earth, Institute of Remote Sensing and Digital Earth, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Beijing 1000 94, China
2International Centre on Space Technologies for Natural and Cultural Heritage under the Auspices of UNESCO , Beijing 100094, China
3Authority for the Protection and Management of Angkor and the Region of Sie m Reap, 999094, Cambodia
Keywords: Terrestrial Laser Scanning Technology, 3D Reconstruction, Point Clouds, Registration, Digital Model, Ta keo Temple Abstract. Ta Keo temple is one of the very famous temple complex of Angkor Wat in northwestern Cambodia. It has been suffering massive collapse and other serious damages in recent years. Nowadays, Terrestrial Laser Scanning(TLS) technology is considered as a wellestablished resource for heritage documentation and protection (Lerma et al, 2008; Reshetyuk, 2009). This paper used TLS to reconstruct Ta Keo Temple. Firstly, we acquired 71 scanning stations of points cloud data with high density and high accuracy, and over one thousand images with high spatial resolution about the temple. Secondly, the raw points cloud data were denoised, reduced and managed efficiently, and registrated using an adjusted ICP algorithm. Thirdly, a triangulation method was used to model most objects. At last, we mapped the texture data into the digital model and a 3-D model of Ta Keo with high accuracy was achieved. The authors focus on large object reconstruction by TLS technology, and pay much attention to the scanning design, multi-station data and the whole project’s data registration, and texture mapping and so on. The research result will be useful for Ta Keo restoration, reconstruction and protection. Also, it is a good reference source for large complex buildings reconstruction when using terrestrial laser scanning technology.
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Citation: Xi, X., Wang, C., Wan, Y. P., and Khuon, K. N.: Ta Keo Temple Reconstruction Based on Terrestrial Laser Scanning Technology, Int. Arch. Photogramm. Remote Sens. Spatial Inf. Sci., XL-5/W7, 449-452,, 2015.

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