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Int. Arch. Photogramm. Remote Sens. Spatial Inf. Sci., XL-4, 175–179, 2014
Int. Arch. Photogramm. Remote Sens. Spatial Inf. Sci., XL-4, 175–179, 2014

  23 Apr 2014

23 Apr 2014

Geo-spatial Service and Application based on National E-government Network Platform and Cloud

X. Meng1, Y. Deng2, H. Li3, L. Yao3, and J. Shi3 X. Meng et al.
  • 1The fifty-fourth Research Institute of China Electronic Technology Group Corporation, Shijiazhuang Zhongshan West Road No. 491, China
  • 2National Marine Data and Information Service, Tianjin City West Road No. 219 Nankai District mustard by No. 1, ch, China
  • 3The State Information Center, The Three River Road Beijing City, No. 58 Xicheng District, China

Keywords: National e-government, cloud, geo-spatial information resources, data integration, cross-sectoral, standardization, product, service

Abstract. With the acceleration of China’s informatization process, our party and government take a substantive stride in advancing development and application of digital technology, which promotes the evolution of e-government and its informatization. Meanwhile, as a service mode based on innovative resources, cloud computing may connect huge pools together to provide a variety of IT services, and has become one relatively mature technical pattern with further studies and massive practical applications. Based on cloud computing technology and national e-government network platform, "National Natural Resources and Geospatial Database (NRGD)" project integrated and transformed natural resources and geospatial information dispersed in various sectors and regions, established logically unified and physically dispersed fundamental database and developed national integrated information database system supporting main e-government applications. Cross-sector e-government applications and services are realized to provide long-term, stable and standardized natural resources and geospatial fundamental information products and services for national egovernment and public users.