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Volume XL-2/W3, 2014 – Keyword index

Volume XL-2/W3, 2014 – Keyword index


A* Algorithms ANN Accelerometer Accessibility Active Contour Models Agent-based Modelling Air Pollution Air pollution Analysis Analytic Hierarchy Process Apriori Arc Hydro ArcCN-Runoff ArcEngine Artefact Artificial Neural Network Association Rules Asthmatic Allergy agent based modelling automatic building extraction


CBERS CCD Camera Category of Venue Census districting Centroidal Voronoi Tessellation Change detection Check-in Classification Classifier Fusion Clustering Clustering Initialization methods Compactness Context Awareness Continuous Genetic Algorithm Cost function Cross-validation Cutaneous Leishmaniasis calibration cop classification


GIS Gamma Distribution Generalization Geo-Social Network Geolocation Geometry-based Geosensor deployment Geosensor networks deployment Geostatistics Glauconite Graph Theory Groundwater quality Group MCDM Gyroscope geosensor coverage


LDA LIDAR Land Use Landsat 8 Landside susceptibility Laser sensor LiDAR LiDAR data Line approximation Location Based Service life span


RFID RSSI Real estate support system Remote Sensing Rice Paddy Ripley's K-function Risk Assessment Road and Footpath Routing Optimization Runoff Modelling remote sensing


SAR SAR Images SAR polarimetry SCS method SDI SVM Sea surface currents Sea surface temperature Seasonal pollution Segmentation Sensor Service composition Simulation Small-Scale Maps Smart phone Smartphone Smoothness Sound Mapping Spatial Analysis Spatial Association Rule Mining Spatial analysis Spatial partitioning Spatial pattern analysis Spectral Angel Mapper (SAM) classification Statistics Support Vector Machine (SVM) sample size satellite imagery strip based filtering striping noise
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